Clinical work

I have been a consultant in clinical neurophysiology at Poole Hospital for over 25 years. Our department provides a service in EEG including in-patient telemetry and home video ambulatory tests, NCS and EMG, evoked potentials and visual neurophysiology. 

I served as Speciality Clinician for Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology, Rheumatology and Dermatology, Poole Hospital, 2009-2010, Associate Medical Director (Medicine, Elderly Care, Oncology, Accident and Emergency) Poole Hospital, 2010-2011 and Clinical Director (medicine) Poole Hospital, 2011-2014.

Clinicians are very reticent at acknowledging or describing the rewards of their work. To assist people with various neurological conditions in the diagnosis and hence treatment, in a way which puts them at ease is both a pleasure and a privilege. To work in a close knit clinical team is also richly rewarding.

Clinical Neurophysiology Offices

British Society for Clinical Neurophysiology; Meetings Secretary, 1990-1995, Foreign Secretary, 1998-2003, 2008-2012, President, 2005-2008.

Chair, International Congress in Clinical Neurophysiology, Edinburgh, 2006.

Europe, Middle East and Africa Chapter, International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology; member-at-large, 2009-20, secretary, 2015-17, president, 2017-

Executive committee of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology (IFCN), member, 2019-2022.

I was elected member-at-large, (2009), secretary, (2015) and president (2017) of the European Chapter of the IFCN and to the Executive of the IFCN itself. 

The European Chapter is one out of five chapters of the IFCN. It encompasses at present 35 European and African member societies. The Chapter is represented by an Executive Board and the delegates of each Member Society.

Amongst other initiatives I have led work on an international survey on education and training, and on a chapter advisory curriculum.

Face Equality International

Following interviewing James Partridge for my book, About Face, I was an informal advisor to the UK based charity, Changing Faces, whose aims are to give psychosocial support to those with facial disfigurement and to educate society about the effects of visible difference.

I then assisted James, in a small way, at the inception of Face Equality International, whose aims are to improve the ways in which those with disfigurement are treated throughout the world.

I am also the inaugural honorary President of the UK Facial Therapists’ Society.